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about to ready to; shortly going to.
agreeable ready to concur or consent. [1/2 definitions]
armament the process of getting ready for war. [1/4 definitions]
armed of weapons such as bombs or guns, ready to be fired or exploded. [1/4 definitions]
brave ready to face pain or danger; courageous. [1/6 definitions]
broody ready to lay eggs, as poultry. [1/2 definitions]
burst to be or seem to be full and ready to break open or explode. [1/8 definitions]
carry-out of food prepared in a commercial establishment, ready to eat but to be taken off the premises; take-out. [1/2 definitions]
charge a quantity of explosives ready to be set off. [1/22 definitions]
cheap shot an unnecessarily vicious remark or action against someone who has no ready defense. [1/2 definitions]
cock1 the position of a gun's firing mechanism when it is ready to fire. [3/8 definitions]
combative eager or ready to fight.
condition to make fit, healthy, or ready for use. [1/9 definitions]
delicatessen a shop that sells ready-to-eat foods such as salads, cooked meats, and cheeses. [1/2 definitions]
deploy to move, position, or distribute so as to make ready or effective for a particular purpose. [4/5 definitions]
dinnertime the time at which dinner is ready, or the period when dinner is being eaten.
done cooked enough and ready to eat. [1/4 definitions]
flyable ready or able to be flown.
forward eager or ready. [1/13 definitions]
funeral home an establishment where the bodies of the dead are made ready for burial or cremation and where funeral services are sometimes held.
game (informal) ready. [1/9 definitions]