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absolute value the magnitude of a real number irrespective of its sign; distance of a real number from zero. [1/2 definitions]
abstract formulated in the mind or in thought and not necessarily connected with what is real, proven, or tangible. [1/13 definitions]
actual verified as a fact or as being the real thing. [1/3 definitions]
actualize to make real; to give substance to.
antedate a date affixed to a document or event that is prior to its real date. [1/3 definitions]
authentic real, genuine, or valid. [1/2 definitions]
bearish of or pertaining to a real or expected decline in the stock market or in the economy. [1/2 definitions]
believable convincing as a portrayal or representation of something real; true to life. [1/2 definitions]
believe to have a firm conviction or belief (in something being true or real). [1/6 definitions]
believe in to accept as real or true. [1/2 definitions]
bestiary a medieval collection of descriptions of or fables about real or mythical animals, in which each animal's nature is used to draw a moral point.
biopic a biographical film or television program often containing scenes that are fictional in order to fill out the plot and add drama, humor, or suspense to make the real life subject compelling to an audience.
black book a real or imaginary notebook containing names of people, usu. recorded for future censure or punishment.
bona fide not counterfeit or sham; genuine; real. [1/2 definitions]
boundary a line, real or imaginary, that indicates the limits of something.
broker a person whose business is to negotiate buying and selling, esp. of stocks or real estate, on another's behalf.
casual displaying apparent or real indifference. [1/6 definitions]
chatroom a site on the Internet where two or more computer users can converse in real time by typing messages that appear on all participants' screens instantly.
Christmas tree a real or imitation evergreen tree, usu. mounted indoors and decorated with lights and ornaments at Christmas.
close to conclude the details of a real estate purchase. [1/24 definitions]
concrete existing as something solid or tangible; actual; real. [1/10 definitions]