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afterglow a warm, pleasing memory of a recent experience. [1/2 definitions]
bulletin an announcement of recent events or items of current interest. [1/2 definitions]
-cene recent (used in words designating geological periods).
Cenozoic of, relating to, or designating the most recent geological era that includes the present and began approximately 70 million years ago, when many mammals appeared, the modern continents took shape, and glacial ice formed. [1/2 definitions]
clean-shaven hairless or without facial hair, as from recent shaving.
heartwood the center part or past growth of a tree, usu. darker and harder than recent outer growth or sapwood.
Holocene of, relating to, or designating the latest geological epoch of the Quaternary Period that includes the present and began approximately 10 thousand years ago, marked by the development of modern human culture; Recent. [2 definitions]
intern2 an advanced student or recent graduate in a specialized field, esp. medicine, who is serving an apprenticeship in the appropriate practical setting, such as a hospital. [1/2 definitions]
junior of lower position, rank, or standing; of more recent appointment or shorter tenure. [2/6 definitions]
last1 the most recent; latest. [1/12 definitions]
last straw the most recent in a series of irritations or disappointments, which causes a loss of endurance, patience, temper, or the like.
late recent. [1/7 definitions]
latest most recent. [2/3 definitions]
midshipman a student or recent graduate of naval officer training. (See cadet.)
modern of, relating to, or characteristic of current or recent times. [2/4 definitions]
nativism the practice that favors and preserves the interests of natives over those of more recent settlers.
necrology a list of those who have died within some recent time. [1/2 definitions]
neo- (sometimes cap.) recent; new; later.
news (used with a sing. verb) a report of recent events considered noteworthy, as transmitted through the media. [1/3 definitions]
newsreel formerly, a short film showing recent news events, shown in movie theaters.
now in the recent or immediate past or future (usu. prec. by just or only). [1/10 definitions]