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cove a small recess in a shoreline; bay. [2/4 definitions]
fireplace an indoor recess in a chimney, in which fires can be made; hearth. [1/2 definitions]
indent1 to form a recess or notch. [2/7 definitions]
indenture a recess or notch; indentation. [1/5 definitions]
intermission a pause or interruption between periods of activity; respite; recess. [1/4 definitions]
lewis an iron device made of several parts that fit into a dovetailed recess of a heavy stone for the purpose of lifting it.
offset a segment of something that deviates from the direction or level of the whole, such as a wall recess or a bend in a pipe. [1/9 definitions]
presidium in certain Communist countries, any of various permanent administrative committees authorized to act for larger governmental bodies when the larger one is in recess. [1/2 definitions]
recess to set back in a recess. [2/5 definitions]
roundel a round decorative plate, panel, recess, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
sinus a curve, bend, or recess. [1/2 definitions]