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abdicate to refuse to fulfill (a responsibility or the like). [1/3 definitions]
ashcan a container, usu. of plastic or metal, that holds ashes or refuse.
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to proceed. [2/7 definitions]
balky inclined to stop short and then refuse to proceed; stubborn; obstinate.
blackball to vote against or refuse membership to. [1/3 definitions]
boring1 (pl.) the refuse, such as chips or dust, produced as the result of boring something. [1/3 definitions]
boycott to refuse to buy, use, attend, or deal with (a product, activity, business, or the like), usu. as a protest or means of persuasion. [1/2 definitions]
bury one's head in the sand to refuse to confront reality or the facts; avoid the truth.
clam (informal) to stop talking or refuse to speak (often fol. by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
cling to refuse to relinquish. [1/3 definitions]
decline to refuse (to do or to give something). [3/10 definitions]
deny to declare (something) false; refuse to agree with or admit; dispute; contradict. [2/3 definitions]
disallow to refuse to allow or admit; reject. [1/2 definitions]
disapprove to refuse to approve or sanction; reject. [1/3 definitions]
disbelieve to refuse to believe in; withhold belief from. [1/2 definitions]
discountenance to refuse to tolerate or support; disapprove. [1/2 definitions]
discredit to refuse to believe. [1/6 definitions]
disobey to fail or refuse to obey.
disregard to refuse to notice or respond to; ignore. [1/3 definitions]
dump an area designated for dumping refuse. [1/10 definitions]
holdout a person who continues to refuse to agree, participate, or yield. [1/2 definitions]