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abhorrent completely opposed or remote (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/3 definitions]
corner a remote or obscure place or region. [1/10 definitions]
download to transfer (data, files, or programs) from a network or remote computer to one's own computer. [1/2 definitions]
faraway distant or remote. [1/2 definitions]
faroff distant in space or time; remote.
farther more remote or distant; extending to or located at a greater distance. [1/4 definitions]
furthermost most remote or distant; farthest away.
furthest most remote in time or space. [1/4 definitions]
glacial unfriendly, remote, or indifferent. [1/5 definitions]
godforsaken (sometimes cap.) desolate; dismal; remote. [1/2 definitions]
hideaway a secluded or remote location. [1/3 definitions]
hillbilly (informal) a person who comes from a remote rural area, esp. from the mountainous region of the southern United States; often, a person considered to be primitive or backward because of this residence or origin. [1/2 definitions]
hot cell an enclosure designed to house radioactive materials in a safe manner so they can be worked on or tested by remote control.
isolated apart from other persons or things; remote. [1/3 definitions]
jumping-off place an isolated or remote area, considered as the edge of civilization. [1/2 definitions]
landing strip a runway, esp. one constructed in a remote area and lacking airport facilities.
maroon2 to put and leave (someone) ashore on an island or remote coast. [1/3 definitions]
nowhere a remote, isolated, or unknown place. [1/5 definitions]
off slight; remote. [1/37 definitions]
outback (sometimes cap.) remote, rural areas, esp. in Australia and New Zealand (usu. prec. by the). [1/2 definitions]
out-of-the-way of a place, remote, secluded, or little frequented. [1/3 definitions]