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Abe Saperstein U.S. creator, owner, and promoter of the renowned basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters; born in London, England (b.1902--d.1966).
Cossack a member of any of various tribes of southwestern Russia, many of whom were renowned horsemen in the czars' armies.
diva a renowned female opera singer; prima donna.
famed widely known or talked about; renowned; famous.
famous having widespread recognition or public esteem; renowned. [1/2 definitions]
Harlem Globetrotters world-renowned U.S. basketball team founded in 1927, which plays exhibition matches highlighting their extraordinary skill and comic maneuvers.
illustrious highly renowned; celebrated; glorious.
mongoose one of a variety of ferretlike carnivorous mammals of Asia renowned for the ability to kill venomous snakes.
Notre Dame de Paris a renowned cathedral in Paris, France, generally known simply as "Notre Dame." Construction of the Gothic-style cathedral began in the twelfth century.
Saint Nicholas a Greek bishop of the fourth century and Christian saint renowned for his giving of small gifts and from whose legend evolved the cultural figure of Santa Claus associated with the Christmas holiday (b. 270 A.D.?--d. 343 A.D.). [1/2 definitions]
Solomon according to the Old Testament, the third king of Israel, who reigned in the tenth century B.C., was renowned for his wisdom, and built the first temple in Jerusalem.
unrenowned combined form of renowned.