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distrain to seize and hold (property), or the property of (someone), to force payment or settlement, as of a debt, claim, rent, or the like.
distraint in law, the act of seizing and holding goods as security against a debt, as for rent, damages, or the like.
hire to engage the use of in return for a fee; rent. [1/4 definitions]
lease to contract for the use or occupation of (one's property) for a specified period of time and usu. in return for rent or other compensation; let or rent. [2/5 definitions]
let to rent or lease (another's property) for one's own use. [2/8 definitions]
overhead of or pertaining to general operating expenses such as rent. [1/5 definitions]
quitrent rent paid by a feudal freeholder in the place of services otherwise required.
rack-rent exorbitantly high annual rent, equal or nearly equal to the full value of the property. [2 definitions]
re-lease to lease or rent again.
rent1 to be offered for rent. [1/5 definitions]
rental an apartment or commercial property available for rent. [3/4 definitions]
renter an owner of real estate who makes property available for rent. [1/2 definitions]
sharecropper a tenant farmer who gives a portion of his or her crop to the owner of the land as rent.
splitting producing a painful sensation of being split or rent. [1/2 definitions]
sublet to rent (one's property held by lease) to another. [1/3 definitions]
tear2 the result of such an act; rent. [1/12 definitions]
tenancy the temporary occupancy or use of another's dwelling, land, or other property, esp. in return for payment of rent. [1/3 definitions]
tenant a person or group that occupies or uses another's house, office, building, or land, esp. in exchange for rent. [1/5 definitions]
tenant farmer a person who leases land for farming and pays cash or a portion of the produce as rent to the owner.
tenantry people who pay rent to use or occupy land, a building, or other property owned by another. [1/2 definitions]
tourist home a private home in which a tourist can rent a bedroom, usu. sharing a bathroom with others.