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account a story or report; narrative. [1/15 definitions]
advisory a report containing information and, often, a warning. [1/3 definitions]
audit an often official examination of records or financial accounts to check their accuracy, or the report of such an examination. [1/4 definitions]
battle station the place to which military personnel or craft are to report in case of attack or emergency.
blow-by-blow in full and precise detail, as a description or report.
blue book an official U.S. government publication, such as a report or register, often with a blue cover. [1/3 definitions]
call-up an order to a large number of people to report for active military duty.
connive to ignore or fail to report a wrongdoing, and thus tacitly support it (often fol. by "at"). [1/2 definitions]
could used as a past form of "can" after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts. [1/4 definitions]
dissertation a formal and usu. lengthy exposition in speech or writing, esp. a detailed report of research by a candidate for a doctoral degree.
embroidery the embellishment of a tale or report, esp. with fictitious details. [1/2 definitions]
fire tower a high towerlike structure, usu. in a forest, from which a lookout keeps watch to detect and report fires.
front-page important enough to print or report on the first page of a newspaper.
inspector general an investigative officer within a government organization, whose duty is to report on the operation of that organization.
interview a conversation between a reporter and a person who will be the subject of the report, or the published report itself. [1/5 definitions]
might1 used as a past form of "may," indicating permission or possibility, after verbs in the past tense that report speech or thoughts. [1/5 definitions]
misprision of felony in law, failure to report an act of treason or a felony.
news (used with a sing. verb) a report of recent events considered noteworthy, as transmitted through the media. [1/3 definitions]
outline a general summary of the main ideas or topics of a book, report, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
overreport combined form of report.
paper any written or printed document such as an essay, article, report, exam, or the like. [1/12 definitions]