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audio of, concerning, or employed in the reproduction or broadcasting of sound. [1/3 definitions]
audiophile someone with a great interest in high-fidelity sound reproduction.
breeding the act or process of reproduction; propagation. [1/3 definitions]
clone an exact duplicate or reproduction; copy. [3/5 definitions]
conjugation in biology, the process of sexual reproduction in protozoans. [1/4 definitions]
copy a reproduction of an original. [1/8 definitions]
exogamy in biology, reproduction resulting from the union of two gametes from different ancestral backgrounds. [1/2 definitions]
facsimile an exact copy or duplicate, as of something printed or pictorial; reproduction. [1/2 definitions]
fission in many one-celled organisms, reproduction by splitting into two genetically identical organisms. [1/3 definitions]
genital of or concerning reproduction or the sexual reproductive organs, esp. the external ones.
genitalia the organs involved in sexual reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitals the organs of reproduction, esp. the external ones.
genitourinary of or concerning the organs of sexual reproduction and urination.
germ cell a cell whose principal function is reproduction; egg or sperm cell.
heterogamous characterized by alternating sexual and asexual reproduction in successive generations. [1/3 definitions]
heterogynous having two kinds of females, one capable of reproduction and the other not, as ants and bees.
high fidelity a method of sound recording and reproduction that captures and reproduces the entire range of audible frequencies with very little distortion.
imitative of, involving, or characterized by reproduction, copying, or imitation; not original. [1/3 definitions]
increase to multiply by reproduction. [1/6 definitions]
inseminate to place sperm in the womb of (a female), esp. for reproduction. [1/2 definitions]
interferon any of several proteins that are produced by a cell in response to a viral infection and that act to prevent reproduction of the virus.