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agate a playing marble made of, or colored to resemble, this stone. [1/2 definitions]
aggie a playing marble made of, or made to resemble, agate.
animalize to make (someone or something) be or resemble an animal or brute or animal matter.
assimilate in phonetics, to modify (a sound) to make it resemble a linguistically adjacent sound. [1/8 definitions]
bee fly any of several two-winged flies that resemble bees and that feed on pollen and nectar.
bow2 to bend or curve so as to resemble a bow. [1/7 definitions]
button any of various things that resemble a button, such as certain small round labels or badges. [1/7 definitions]
carob the pod of this tree, used in making beverages and candy that resemble chocolate, or used as fodder. [1/2 definitions]
claw hammer a hammer with the back side of the head curved and split in two to resemble a pair of claws, used to pry out nails.
cloudy having marks that resemble clouds. [1/5 definitions]
cob coal large rounded lumps of coal that resemble cobblestones.
come to life to seem alive or resemble something alive. [1/3 definitions]
constellation any of eighty-eight groupings or patterns of stars named after the animals, objects, or mythological characters they are thought to resemble. [1/3 definitions]
coralroot any of various leafless orchids with roots that resemble coral.
costume clothing, jewelry, makeup, and the like worn in order to make one resemble some other person, animal, or thing. [1/4 definitions]
counterfeit made to resemble something genuine in order to defraud. [2/7 definitions]
crane fly any of various long-legged, slender flies that resemble a large mosquito.
crosswise so as to resemble a cross. [1/2 definitions]
crowfoot any of various, mostly yellow-flowered plants, esp. with divided leaves that resemble a crow's foot. [1/2 definitions]
culottes women's pants made short and with wide legs so as to resemble a skirt.
deadly so as to resemble death. [1/6 definitions]