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abandon freedom from restraint or inhibition. [1/6 definitions]
abandoned lacking restraint. [1/2 definitions]
abstemious exercising restraint or moderation in eating and drinking. [2 definitions]
bar1 anything that acts as a restraint or hindrance. [1/13 definitions]
captive held in confinement or restraint. [1/6 definitions]
classical having a style resembling that of Greek and Roman art and literature, esp. including the qualities of simplicity, restraint, and balance. (Cf. romantic.) [1/3 definitions]
constraint a state of confinement or restraint. [1/4 definitions]
continence moderation or self-restraint, esp. in sexual activity. [1/2 definitions]
curb anything that serves as a restraint. [1/4 definitions]
damp a restraint. [1/8 definitions]
embargo a restraint or prohibition. [1/4 definitions]
false arrest the illegal restraint or detention of a person by another who claims to have legal authority, usu. a police officer.
fasten to enclose securely, as in an enclosure or restraint. [1/8 definitions]
freedom lack of restraint in behavior. [1/9 definitions]
freewheeling (informal) free of restraint or obligation; independent, carefree, or irresponsible. [1/2 definitions]
government control and restraint. [1/4 definitions]
indiscreet lacking judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people.
indiscretion lack of judgment, prudence, or restraint, esp. in regard to the rights or feelings of other people. [2/3 definitions]
inhibition the restraint or suppression of a biological process, such as the reduction of a reflex or nervous reaction by some drug. [1/3 definitions]
in irons undergoing confinement or restraint, as for punishment; in shackles or fetters.
inordinate lacking in restraint or discipline. [1/2 definitions]