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anchor a heavy device, connected by a cable to a boat or ship, that is dropped to the bottom of a body of water to restrict the vessel's motion. [1/7 definitions]
bind to restrict or squeeze uncomfortably; be too tight. [1/13 definitions]
cartel an international group of independent businesses formed to control production and prices and to restrict competition in certain business enterprises. [1/2 definitions]
circumscribe to keep within bounds; confine; restrict. [1/3 definitions]
confine to limit within certain bounds; restrict. [1/3 definitions]
contain to hold back or set limits on; establish boundaries for; restrict. [1/4 definitions]
cramp2 to restrict the freedom of by closely confining. [1/6 definitions]
dam1 a barrier built usu. across a waterway to restrict flow and raise the water level. [1/4 definitions]
drawbridge a bridge built so that it can be raised or moved in order to either allow tall ships to pass beneath or restrict passage.
fetter a chain or shackle placed on the ankles to restrict movement. [1/3 definitions]
imprison to confine or restrict as though in a prison. [1/2 definitions]
indefinite article in English grammar, either of the articles "a" and "an," which do not restrict the nouns or noun equivalents that they modify, but serve to indicate the class to which such modified words belong. (Cf. definite article.)
limit to put boundaries on or around; confine or restrict. [1/4 definitions]
limiting serving to restrict or limit. [1/2 definitions]
muzzle to restrict the freedom of (a person or group), esp. the freedom of speech. [1/6 definitions]
narrow to restrict. [1/10 definitions]
nonrestrictive in grammar, modifying but not restricting the meaning of a word or phrase, as "who lives there" modifies but does not restrict the meaning of "Mr. Smith" in "Mr. Smith, who lives there, said he didn't hear anything". [1/2 definitions]
pinch to restrict (a body part) tightly and painfully. [2/10 definitions]
ration to restrict use or consumption of (scarce goods) to authorized people in authorized amounts. [1/5 definitions]
secret in the United States, classified by the government so as to restrict access. [2/8 definitions]
shackle to restrict the progress or freedom of. [1/5 definitions]