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commit to consign in order to retain. [1/6 definitions]
fugitive not easy to grasp or retain. [1/5 definitions]
immortelle a plant whose flowers retain their color when dried.
impound to confiscate and retain (property or documentary evidence) in legal custody. [1/3 definitions]
keep to hold or retain possession of. [1/14 definitions]
neocolonialism the use of economic, political, or other means to retain control over former colonies.
rare2 of meat, cooked briefly to retain juices and original color.
remember to retain the memory of (an experience or the like). [1/7 definitions]
retentive having the ability to retain. [1/2 definitions]
sift to pass or force through a sieve in order to retain or break up the larger parts. [1/6 definitions]
stet an editorial direction to retain material previously canceled. [1/2 definitions]
succulent having fleshy leaves or stems that retain moisture, as cactus. [2/3 definitions]
taxidermy the art of preserving dead animals by stuffing and mounting their skins in order to retain a lifelike appearance.