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ashram a religious community or retreat at which people meet for meditation and exercise, esp. yoga. [1/2 definitions]
back-pedal to retreat from an earlier position; withdraw. [1/3 definitions]
den the resting place or retreat of a large predatory wild animal, such as a wolf or lion; lair. [1/4 definitions]
fallback an act or instance of falling back; retreat. [1/2 definitions]
flinch to retreat from or avoid something unpleasant, fearsome, or difficult. [1/3 definitions]
hermitage a place where one can lead a solitary, secluded life; retreat. [2/3 definitions]
nest a comfortable place for seclusion or retreat. [1/11 definitions]
rear guard a small detachment of soldiers who protect the rear of a larger unit, as in a retreat.
repulse the act of forcing back, or a forced retreat. [1/4 definitions]
retirement retreat into seclusion or privacy, or such privacy and seclusion itself. [1/5 definitions]
rout1 a disorderly and confused retreat of defeated troops. [2/5 definitions]
run to move away quickly, as in retreat or escape; flee. [1/36 definitions]
sanctum a private place where one can go to be alone and undisturbed; retreat. [1/2 definitions]
withdraw to move back or away, esp. from an emotional state or social environment; retreat. [1/4 definitions]