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asteroid any of thousands of celestial bodies with diameters between one and five hundred miles that revolve around the sun in orbits that lie mostly between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars; planetoid.
circuit to move or revolve around; make a circuit of. [1/8 definitions]
Copernican system the theory, first held by Copernicus, that the earth and other planets revolve around the sun.
gyrate to move or revolve on or around a fixed point or axis, or in a circle or spiral; rotate; spin.
orbit to revolve about (another body) in a curved path. [1/7 definitions]
Ptolemaic system the cosmographic theory, systematized by the Hellenistic astronomer Ptolemy, according to which all heavenly bodies revolve around the earth, which is fixed at the center of the universe.
revolving able to revolve.
rotate to cause to revolve around an axis. [1/5 definitions]
spin to cause to revolve or turn around quickly on, or as if on, an axis. [1/15 definitions]
sun (often cap.) the central star of the solar system around which the earth and other planets revolve and from which heat and light issue. [1/8 definitions]
treadmill a continuous belt or circle of moving steps that, when trod by a person or animal, causes a wheel or shaft to revolve. [1/2 definitions]
turn to rotate or revolve on a point or axis. [1/32 definitions]
twirl to cause to spin or revolve quickly; rotate. [1/6 definitions]
wheel to cause to revolve or turn. [2/12 definitions]
whirl to revolve, spin, or move rapidly in a circular motion. [2/11 definitions]