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accentual having a rhythm based on the number of stresses rather than the number of syllables or length of sounds, as certain poetry. [1/2 definitions]
alpha wave the type of brain wave that is a sign of relaxation, having frequencies from eight to thirteen hertz; alpha rhythm.
arrhythmia any abnormality in the rhythm or strength of the heartbeat.
barcarole a piece of music composed in the style of Venetian gondoliers' songs, with a rhythm suggesting rowing.
beat to move with a regular rhythm; pulsate. [2/15 definitions]
beguine a dance of Martinique with a bolero rhythm, or the music for such a dance.
biorhythm an inherent rhythm or cycle in a biological function or process. [1/2 definitions]
body clock (non-technical) the internal mechanisms that regulate bodily functions; Circadian rhythm. [2 definitions]
cadence to give a rhythm to. [1/3 definitions]
chantey a sailor's song, esp. one sung to the rhythm of the work.
clog dance a dance, with or without music, performed by a group of dancers wearing wooden-soled clogs that are stamped percussively to the rhythm.
delta wave a low-frequency electric brain wave present during deep sleep in normal adults; delta rhythm.
Dixieland an early style of small-group jazz, characterized by a strict two-beat rhythm and by improvised ensemble and solo playing. [1/2 definitions]
drop a beat to miss a beat in music, or otherwise lose the rhythm or continuity of something; falter. [1/2 definitions]
expletive any word or phrase used in a sentence or line only for rhythm, metrical balance, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
folk-rock popular music that combines characteristic elements of folk music and rock-'n'-roll, often using lyrics similar to the former, with rhythm from the latter, as in songs of social protest.
in step moving, esp. walking, to a rhythm with another person. [1/2 definitions]
lilt a pleasing variation in musical tone or rhythm. [2/3 definitions]
lyric of poetry, having a musical rhythm or feeling, often with an emotional or personal subject. [1/6 definitions]
measure rhythm; pace. [1/14 definitions]
music sound that has rhythm, melody, or harmony, usu. produced by voice or instrument. [1/5 definitions]