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aquaplane to ride on an aquaplane. [1/3 definitions]
balloon to ride or ascend in a balloon. [1/8 definitions]
bicycle to ride on a bicycle. (See cycle.) [1/2 definitions]
bike to ride a bicycle, motorcycle, or motorbike. [1/2 definitions]
bobsled to ride or race in a bobsled. [1/2 definitions]
bodysurf to ride on a wave using the body as a surfboard.
bus1 to ride or travel in a bus. [1/3 definitions]
canoe to ride in or paddle a canoe. [1/3 definitions]
charger a muscular horse suitable to ride in battle. [1/3 definitions]
chariot to carry in, drive, or ride a chariot. [1/3 definitions]
fare the price paid to ride on commercial transportation, such as a bus, train, or airplane, or a passenger paying such a charge. [1/5 definitions]
Ferris wheel (sometimes l.c.) a ride, as at a carnival or amusement park, consisting of a very large upright power-driven wheel with partially enclosed seats that are suspended between two parallel rims.
gallop to ride a horse at full speed. [2/6 definitions]
gig1 to ride in a gig. [1/3 definitions]
go-cart a small wagon for children to ride in, drive, or push. [1/4 definitions]
hayride a pleasure ride by a group of people in an open wagon that is partly filled with hay.
hitch2 (informal) to solicit or obtain a free ride; hitchhike.
hitchhike to solicit or obtain a free ride or series or rides in a vehicle.
hobbyhorse a child's toy with an imitation horse's head at the end of a long stick, which the child pretends to ride. [1/3 definitions]
horse to mount or ride a horse. [1/10 definitions]
hydroplane to ride in a hydroplane. [1/5 definitions]