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contest a competition, as for an award, that matches rival abilities, performances, qualities, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
mole3 a spy who has become employed in a rival country's intelligence service or other government agency, usu. for a long period, in order to aid the country for which he or she is spying. [1/2 definitions]
outrival combined form of rival.
rival being or capable of being a rival; competing or competitive. [1/5 definitions]
rivalry the act, relation, or condition of a rival or rivals; competition. [1/2 definitions]
Satan in Christian theology and Judaism, the embodiment of evil, adversary of humans, and rival of God, usu. identified with the fallen angel Lucifer; the Devil.
unapproachable impossible to reach, come near, or rival; inaccessible. [1/2 definitions]
unrivaled not equaled; having no rival, peer, or competition; incomparable.