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alternate to continuously rotate or take turns with one another (usu. fol. by "with"). [1/9 definitions]
ball bearing a bearing composed of a track containing freely rolling metal balls, against which or within which a shaft or other part can rotate without friction. [1/2 definitions]
ball joint a mechanical joint, often found in tools and machines, in which the ball-shaped end of a rod or pipe is fitted into a hollow socket, enabling the inserted part to rotate freely in any direction.
birl to rotate (a floating log) by running in place on its exposed surface, as in a contest among lumberjacks.
crank to rotate a crank. [1/6 definitions]
day a unit of time equal to twenty-four hours, or the time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis. [1/5 definitions]
gyrate to move or revolve on or around a fixed point or axis, or in a circle or spiral; rotate; spin.
hamstring any of three muscles at the back of the human thigh that are used to flex the knee, rotate the leg, and extend the thigh. [1/5 definitions]
hurdy-gurdy an early lute-shaped string instrument played by turning a crank that causes a rosined wheel to rotate against the strings. [1/2 definitions]
pitch1 of a rocket or the like, to rotate about an axis extending from front to back. [1/22 definitions]
pivot to rotate, swing, or oscillate on or as if on a pivot. [2/6 definitions]
potter's wheel a device consisting of a horizontal disk made to rotate by foot or motor power, that enables a potter to create cylindrical or rounded shapes in clay.
pronate to turn or rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the palm of the hand faces down or backwards.
racemic of a chemical compound, containing equal quantities of isomers that rotate polarized light to the left and right, so that the net effect is zero.
radiometer an instrument for measuring radiant energy or transforming radiant energy into mechanical energy, consisting of vertical vanes that absorb more heat on one side than the other, so that they rotate around an axis when irradiated.
rotifer any of a group of mostly freshwater, microscopic, multicellular organisms that have one or more wheel-like rings of cilia at the front end which appear to rotate when vibrated.
screw a device consisting of rotary blades oriented so that they pull or drive something by transferring helical force as they rotate; screw propeller. [1/17 definitions]
spin to rotate or seem to whirl rapidly. [1/15 definitions]
supinate to turn or rotate (the hand or forearm) so that the palm is upward or forward.
turn to rotate or revolve on a point or axis. [1/32 definitions]
twirl to cause to spin or revolve quickly; rotate. [2/6 definitions]