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adventurer one who advances by dishonest or ruthless means. [1/3 definitions]
adventuress a female adventurer, esp. one who advances by dishonest or ruthless means.
atrocious exceptionally evil, ruthless, or brutal. [1/2 definitions]
atrocity an exceptionally evil, ruthless, or cruel act. [2 definitions]
dog-eat-dog marked by ruthless competition; merciless.
fell3 fierce or ruthless. [1/2 definitions]
hard-fisted ruthless; tough. [1/2 definitions]
jungle an activity or place characterized by ruthless competition. [1/4 definitions]
pitiless having or demonstrating no pity or mercy; ruthless.
robber baron a U.S. capitalist of the late nineteenth century who acquired great wealth and influence by ruthless exploitation of natural and human resources, market manipulation, political corruption, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
Shylock in The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, a ruthless moneylender. [1/2 definitions]