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challah a type of leavened egg bread, usu. braided, traditionally eaten by Jewish people on the Sabbath and religious holidays.
Kiddush (Hebrew) a prayer recited over wine and bread on the eve of a Sabbath or a festival.
Lord's day Sunday; the Sabbath (prec. by the).
Sabbatarian one who observes the Sabbath on Saturday, as Jews and certain Christians. [3 definitions]
Sabbatical pertaining or appropriate to the Sabbath. [1/3 definitions]
seventh-day (often cap.) denoting certain Christian denominations that observe the Sabbath on Saturday.
shewbread in ancient Israel, twelve loaves of blessed unleavened bread offered to God every Sabbath by Hebrew priests in the sanctuary of the Tabernacle; showbread.
Sun. abbreviation of "Sunday," the Sabbath day, as observed by most Christians. [1/2 definitions]
Sunday the Sabbath day, as observed by most Christians. [1/4 definitions]
Walpurgis Night the eve of May Day, during which, according to German folklore, witches gathered for a sabbath before the feast of St. Walpurgis on May 1.