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chinook salmon a large salmon of the northern Pacific that has usu. reddish flesh; king salmon.
coho a small ocean salmon, now often introduced into fresh water as a game fish; coho salmon; silver salmon.
fingerling a small fish, esp. a young trout or salmon.
fish ladder a series of pools at gradually increasing heights that allows fish, such as salmon, to swim upstream around a dam or other obstruction.
grilse a young male salmon that has returned to fresh water for its first spawning.
king salmon see chinook salmon.
landlocked of certain salmon, living in inland waters. [1/2 definitions]
lox1 a variety of smoked salmon.
parr the young of certain fishes, esp. the salmon before it leaves fresh water.
pink salmon a widespread species of small Pacific salmon.
red salmon see sockeye salmon.
salmonberry the salmon-colored edible fruit of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
scissortail a large flycatcher of the southwestern United States, and Central and South America, that has a gray body, salmon-pink sides and wing linings, and a long, deeply forked tail.
smoked salmon salmon, usu. brine-cured, that has been smoked in preparation for consumption.
smolt a young salmon that has developed enough to migrate from fresh water to the sea.
sockeye salmon an edible red-fleshed salmon found in the coastal waters of the North Pacific.
trout any of various freshwater or anadromous fishes related to the salmon, usu. having a speckled body, and valued as food and game. [1/2 definitions]