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aquaculture the cultivation of water plants, fish, shellfish, and other aquatic animals in controlled freshwater or saltwater environments.
bass2 any of several freshwater or saltwater food fishes with spiny fins.
blenny any of several small saltwater fishes with a long, tapering, slimy body.
brine a saltwater solution for pickling foods. [1/4 definitions]
clam any of various saltwater and freshwater mollusks, esp. those species that are edible. [1/5 definitions]
cod any of a wide variety of saltwater fishes, caught commercially for food.
coquina any of a genus of small saltwater clams of various colors, often with striped or banded shells. [1/2 definitions]
filefish any of various mostly tropical saltwater fishes that have flattened bodies, leathery skin, and small hard scales.
flatfish any member of an order of mainly saltwater fishes, such as the sole, halibut, or flounder, whose adult bodies are flat with both eyes on the upper side.
gribble any of several small saltwater crustaceans that bore into wood underwater, often causing great damage.
lagoon a shallow, saltwater area by the sea but separated from it by sandbars or by coral reefs or islands. [1/3 definitions]
puffer fish any of various saltwater fishes that are capable, when irritated or alarmed, of swallowing water or air and puffing up their bodies to many times their usual size, causing, in some species, sharp protective spines to become erect.
salmon any of various edible saltwater fishes with tender, pinkish flesh that are related to trout, inhabit waters in the north, and characteristically swim up streams to spawn in fresh water. [1/2 definitions]
sawfish any of various tropical saltwater fish related to rays that have a long flat bladelike snout with large sharp teeth on either side.
shrimp any of several small, mostly saltwater shellfish with long tails and five pairs of walking legs, or any of various similar shellfish, many of which are edible. [1/6 definitions]
turbot a large, flat, diamond-shaped saltwater fish, used for food. [1/2 definitions]
whitefish any of several edible, usu. silvery freshwater or saltwater fishes.