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approbation blessing or official sanction. [1/2 definitions]
approval favor, sanction, or positive regard. [1/2 definitions]
approve to give official sanction to. [1/3 definitions]
British East India Company a British company that carried on trade with the East Indies from 1600 to 1874 under the sanction of a royal government charter.
constitutive having the power to institute or sanction. [1/2 definitions]
disapprove to refuse to approve or sanction; reject. [1/3 definitions]
imprimatur any official permission or sanction. [1/2 definitions]
pass to sanction; approve. [1/30 definitions]
pragmatic a decree issued by a sovereign head that is adopted as fundamental law; pragmatic sanction. [1/4 definitions]
ratification the act of ratifying; formal approval or sanction, esp. by a legislature. [1/2 definitions]
samizdat the underground publishing and propagation of manuscripts that were denied, or not submitted for, official sanction by the government of the former Soviet Union. [1/2 definitions]
sanctify to grant religious or social sanction to. [1/3 definitions]
sanctionable combined form of sanction.
theocracy a system of government by priests or others who claim a divine sanction. [1/2 definitions]
warrant to give authorization or sanction to; empower. [1/9 definitions]
warranty official authorization or sanction. [1/3 definitions]