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cardinal flower the showy scarlet flower of this plant. [1/2 definitions]
high-bush cranberry a North American shrub that bears white flowers and tart scarlet berries.
partridgeberry a creeping woody North American plant that has round leaves and bears white flowers and scarlet berries.
quassia a scarlet-flowered tropical American tree, the wood of which is used in making furniture. [1/2 definitions]
scarlatina a contagious disease occurring mainly in children, marked by a high fever and a scarlet rash; mild form of scarlet fever.
scarlet of or pertaining to the color scarlet. [1/4 definitions]
scarlet runner a climbing tropical American vine that bears scarlet flowers and long pods with edible red-and-black seeds.
scarlet tanager a U.S. songbird, the male of which has a bright scarlet body with black wings and tail.