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alibi the legal defense of establishing one's location away from the scene of a crime during its commission. [1/4 definitions]
background a part located in the rear, esp. as depicted in a painting, photograph, or scene. (Cf. foreground.) [1/5 definitions]
bedlam a situation or scene of confused disorder and uproar.
cameo a minor role played by a prominent actor or actress in a single scene of a film. [1/3 definitions]
circus a noisy or chaotic scene. [1/3 definitions]
curtain the beginning or end of a theatrical performance or scene, when the curtain is commonly opened or closed. [1/7 definitions]
cutaway a switch from one scene to another in a film, used to create suspense, show a simultaneous event, or the like; cutaway shot. [1/4 definitions]
cutaway shot in a film, a sudden shift of the scene away from the main action to an apparently unrelated event.
diorama a scene represented by three-dimensional objects placed in front of a painted background, as in a natural history museum. [1/2 definitions]
dissolve in films and videotapes, a change of scene by having one shot fade while the next appears dimly and gradually grows clearer and replaces the first. [1/11 definitions]
exit as a direction in a theater or film script, to leave the stage or scene (usu. prec. or fol. by the character's name). [1/7 definitions]
extra one who is specially hired for a large group scene in a film. [1/7 definitions]
fade the gradual appearance or disappearance of an image or scene in a film. [1/6 definitions]
fade-in a gradual increase in the sharpness of focus or visibility of a scene or image in film or television, or in the audibility of sound in broadcasting.
fade-out a gradual decrease in the sharpness of focus or visibility of a scene or image in film or television, or in the audibility of sound in broadcasting.
fire engine a motor truck that carries firefighting equipment and personnel to the scene of a fire and usu. has a pump for spraying water or chemicals.
hit-and-run denoting or pertaining to a driver who does not stop at the scene after causing an accident with his or her motor vehicle. [1/2 definitions]
idyll a composition, often a poem, describing a simple, picturesque scene or episode such as a tale of the countryside. [2/4 definitions]
idyllic charmingly simple and natural, as a scene or experience; suggestive of peaceful countryside. [1/2 definitions]
locale the scene or setting, as of a story, play, or film. [1/2 definitions]
Mekong Delta an expansive delta region formed by the Mekong River in southeast Vietnam, whose wetlands make it a major rice producer. The Mekong Delta was a scene of heavy combat between U.S. and Viet Cong troops during the Viet Nam War.