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baste3 to rebuke or scold harshly. [1/2 definitions]
bawl out (informal) to scold or reprimand harshly.
berate to reproach or scold severely.
blister to scold or punish harshly. [1/5 definitions]
chew out (informal) to scold.
harridan a bad-tempered woman, esp. an old one; scold.
lambaste to scold harshly. [1/2 definitions]
lecture a lengthy speech given to warn or scold another, esp. about behavior. [1/4 definitions]
rag2 (informal) to tease or scold.
rate2 to scold or berate (someone).
sermon an extended speech to instruct or scold; lecture. [1/2 definitions]
tongue-lash (informal) to scold or criticize harshly.
virago a shrewish, domineering woman; nag or scold.