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aggrandize to increase in size or scope; enlarge; extend. [1/2 definitions]
area extent or scope. [1/4 definitions]
compass a boundary or limit, or the space or scope included within it. [1/9 definitions]
comprehensive wide or all-inclusive in range or scope. [1/3 definitions]
de-escalate to lessen in intensity, size, or scope.
dimension (usu. pl.) overall breadth or range; scope. [1/5 definitions]
earthbound limited in imagination or scope of thought. [1/3 definitions]
elbowroom enough space or scope to move around in freely.
enterprise an undertaking, esp. one characterized by complexity, risk, or wide scope; venture. [1/3 definitions]
escalate to increase in intensity, scope, or size.
escalation increase in amount, scope, or intensity.
L2 abbreviation of "large," of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small.
large of greater size, amount, scope, or proportion than the average; not small. [1/2 definitions]
large-scale large in scope or extent. [1/2 definitions]
latitude breadth or scope, as of freedom of action or opinion. [1/3 definitions]
long1 of unusual scope or breadth, as of vision or perspective. [1/11 definitions]
macro something very large in scope, capacity, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
microcomputer a small computer built with miniaturized components and used for applications that have a limited scope, such as small business and home computing and word processing. (See minicomputer.)
nationalize to make national in breadth, scope, or character. [1/3 definitions]
parochial narrow or limited in scope or viewpoint; provincial. [1/2 definitions]
purview the sphere, extent, or scope of anything, such as authority or understanding. [1/2 definitions]