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accommodation a seat on a public conveyance. [1/6 definitions]
back seat a seat behind other seats or in the back, esp. of a vehicle.
barouche a four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, two opposing seats for two people each inside, and a driver's seat outside in front.
bench a seat, often without a back, that is long enough for two or more people. [3/6 definitions]
bicycle a lightweight vehicle with two wheels one behind the other, handlebars for steering, pedals for locomotion, and a small saddlelike seat. (See cycle.) [1/2 definitions]
bosom the seat of thought, affection, or emotion; heart. [1/7 definitions]
box seat a seat in a box, usu. offering a better view and some privacy, in a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like.
brougham a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage with a closed compartment for passengers and an open driver's seat in front. [2/3 definitions]
bucket seat a single seat with a molded back, as in some cars and airplanes.
buggy1 (chiefly British) a light four-wheeled seat for transporting children that are too young to walk far; stroller. [1/3 definitions]
by-election in Britain and other countries, an election held between general elections to fill a vacant seat in government.
calash a carriage with two low wheels, a seat for two people under a top that folds down, and a front seat for a driver. [1/2 definitions]
campstool a lightweight folding seat, usu. having three or four legs and no back or arms.
cathedra the official seat of a bishop.
chaise longue a couchlike chair with an elongated seat that supports the legs of the sitter.
coach a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage, enclosed, with an outside seat for the driver. [1/8 definitions]
coupé a four-wheeled carriage with an enclosed area for two passengers and an exposed driver's seat. [1/2 definitions]
divan a couch or cushioned seat, usu. without arms and sometimes with pillows backed onto the walls instead of a backrest.
eject to throw or propel oneself out of an aircraft in an emergency, by use of an ejection seat or capsule. [1/3 definitions]
ejection seat a seat designed to eject from an aircraft during an emergency and parachute to the ground with its occupant.
foresheet (pl.) in an open rowboat, the space in front of the foremost rower's seat. [1/2 definitions]