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benefit of clergy formerly, a special privilege granted to members of the clergy, esp. that they be subject to ecclesiastical rather than secular courts. [1/2 definitions]
canon1 secular or religious writings of the Bible that have been determined to be authentic or sacred. [1/4 definitions]
churchwarden in the Anglican Church, a lay officer who manages the secular or legal affairs of the church. [2/3 definitions]
Koran the fundamental sacred text of Islam, believed to have been revealed to Muhammad by Allah and serving as the basis of Muslim religion, law, and secular conduct.
laic of or pertaining to the laity; lay; secular. [1/2 definitions]
laicism secular or nonclerical control of social or political institutions.
profane of or pertaining to worldly matters; secular. [1/5 definitions]
Sanhedrin the highest court and legislative council for secular as well as sacred matters in ancient Judea.
secularism secular opinion or belief, esp. a system following a political or social philosophy that rejects religious faith. [1/2 definitions]
temporal1 secular or material rather than ecclesiastical or spiritual. [1/4 definitions]
temporality (usu. pl.) secular holdings or revenues, as of a church or clergy. [1/2 definitions]
throne the seat occupied by a ruler or high secular or religious official on ceremonial occasions or when holding audience. [1/2 definitions]
unreligious unconnected with or indifferent to religion; secular. [1/2 definitions]
worldly of or pertaining to the material world; not spiritual; secular. [1/2 definitions]
yeshiva an Orthodox Jewish elementary school for both religious and secular training. [1/2 definitions]