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alluvial of or pertaining to a flood plain or to sediment deposited by flowing water.
decant to pour (wine or other liquid) carefully, so as not to stir up sediment. [1/2 definitions]
ground1 (pl.) sediment, esp. that in coffee. [1/13 definitions]
lees the sediment that settles at the bottom of a liquid, esp. a fermented liquid such as wine; dregs.
murky obscured with fine particles, as of water, smoke, sediment, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
sedimentable combined form of sediment.
sedimentary of, concerning, like, or containing sediment. [2 definitions]
sedimentation the accumulating or depositing of sediment.
settlings solid matter that settles out of a liquid; sediment; dregs.
silt fine sediment deposited by water, as of earth, clay, or sand. [1/3 definitions]
sludge dirt and sediment precipitated in a body of water. [1/2 definitions]
stromatolite a laminated rock with accumulated layers of prokaryotic bacteria, algae, and sediment found in shallow marine environments, contains the oldest fossils known today.
sullage silt or sediment left by a current or running water. [1/2 definitions]
turbid clouded or murky because of stirred-up particles or sediment; muddy. [1/3 definitions]