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angle2 to seek artfully or slyly. [1/2 definitions]
appeal to seek recourse from a higher authority. [1/7 definitions]
attempt to try or seek; undertake. [1/3 definitions]
berry to seek or gather berries. [1/5 definitions]
bootlick to seek favor by abasing oneself to (someone); toady.
canvass to seek votes, contributions, or sales from (a group or a district). [1/8 definitions]
carpetbagger a Northerner who went to the South to seek private gain in the aftermath of the American Civil War, usu. depicted as carrying his belongings in a carpetbag. [1/2 definitions]
clown to perform as a clown or seek to amuse others through comical, prankish behavior (sometimes fol. by "around"). [1/4 definitions]
court to seek the favor or affections of. [2/9 definitions]
fawn2 to seek attention or favor by flattery or servility. [1/2 definitions]
ferret to seek out or drive from cover, as if by using a hunting animal (usu. fol. by out). [1/5 definitions]
grasp at a straw to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
grasp at straws to seek anything, no matter how flimsy, that might save one from a predicament.
grope to seek by or as if by groping. [1/5 definitions]
ingratiate to seek or secure another's favor or approval for (oneself) (usu. fol. by with).
inquire to seek to find out or learn. [2/3 definitions]
kiss ass (vulgar slang) to seek favor by obsequious behavior.
look for to attempt to find; seek. [1/2 definitions]
peace conference a meeting held to seek an end to a war or to find a way to a lasting peace.
pearl to dive for or seek pearls. [1/8 definitions]
Pentecostal of, pertaining to, or designating any of the usu. fundamentalist Christian sects that stress the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and seek to emulate the twelve Apostles at Pentecost. [1/2 definitions]