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angary the legal right of a state or nation at war to seize, destroy, or otherwise use the property of a neutral state, provided proper compensation is made.
arrest to seize and detain (someone) by legal process. [1/6 definitions]
beat (someone) to the punch to seize an opportunity before (someone else).
bob2 to try to seize floating or dangling objects with the mouth, as in a game. [1/5 definitions]
capture to seize by overpowering or plotting. [1/5 definitions]
carpe diem seize the day (Latin); the attitude or advice that one should enjoy today, without thought for tomorrow.
clutch1 to grab with or as if with the hands; seize. [2/9 definitions]
commandeer to force (a civilian) into, or seize (goods) for, the military. [1/2 definitions]
confiscate to seize by virtue of authority. [2/3 definitions]
cop1 to catch or seize. [1/2 definitions]
coup the sudden and forceful attempt of a group, esp. of military or other government personnel, to seize state power; coup d'état. [1/2 definitions]
distrain to seize and hold (property), or the property of (someone), to force payment or settlement, as of a debt, claim, rent, or the like.
escheat to seize by escheat; confiscate. [1/4 definitions]
fasten to grasp, seize, or cling to a thought or idea (usu. fol. by on or upon). [1/8 definitions]
gobble1 (informal) to take or seize in an eager or greedy manner; grab (often fol. by up). [1/3 definitions]
grapple to grasp, seize, or secure with or as if with a grapple. [1/6 definitions]
grasp to try to seize or secure (often followed by "at"). [1/9 definitions]
grasping able to seize or grip. [1/2 definitions]
grip to seize or hold firmly; grasp. [1/14 definitions]
intercept to stop or seize, thereby interrupting the movement or progress of. [1/5 definitions]
letter of marque formerly, a government document that authorized a ship captain to seize the ships of other nations.