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azurite a semiprecious gemstone cut from this mineral. [1/2 definitions]
birthstone a precious or semiprecious jewel traditionally associated with the month of one's birth.
bloodstone a semiprecious green or greenish quartz flecked with red jasper; heliotrope.
carnelian a hard red or reddish brown semiprecious gemstone.
chrysoprase a greenish form of chalcedony, sometimes used as a semiprecious stone.
costume jewelry jewelry made of inexpensive materials or set with imitation or semiprecious stones.
lapis lazuli an opaque blue stone used as a semiprecious gem and in pigment. [1/2 definitions]
morganite a kind of rose-colored, transparent beryl considered as a semiprecious stone.
onyx a kind of banded multi-colored quartz, used as a semiprecious stone. [1/2 definitions]
opal a variously colored, often iridescent, hydrated form of silica often used as a semiprecious stone.
tiger's-eye a semiprecious, golden brown gemstone of changeable luster, composed of quartz tinted by iron oxide, used for jewelry.