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Anabaptist a member of any of several Protestant sects formed in the sixteenth century that baptized only adult believers, opposed military service, and advocated the separation of church and state. [1/2 definitions]
arrivederci (Italian) until next time; good-bye (used to suggest that the separation will be brief).
breakup the act or process of breaking up; disintegration; separation. [2 definitions]
chasm a division or separation caused by a pronounced difference of opinion, beliefs, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
color line any institutionalized separation of races that is based on skin color and that results in social and economic discrimination and oppression; color bar.
crack a partial separation in something. [1/15 definitions]
demarcation separation by clearly defined boundaries or limits. [1/2 definitions]
dialysis the separation of substances in a solution by diffusion through a semipermeable membrane, used to eliminate impurities from the blood in patients with kidney failure.
dichotomy division or separation into two usu. opposed parts, positions, or opinions. [1/2 definitions]
disinjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
disjunction a separation or disjoining, or the condition of being separated or disjoined.
dispersion the separation of light into colored rays, as by a prism. [1/4 definitions]
dissent rejection of the doctrine or authority of an established church; separation or noncomformity. [1/3 definitions]
dissociation the act or an instance of dissociating; separation. [2 definitions]
distance the measure of separation between things, places, or points in time. [1/7 definitions]
disunion the termination of union or association; separation or division. [1/2 definitions]
division something that separates or marks a point of separation. [1/7 definitions]
divorce the legal termination of a marriage contract, or the formal separation of spouses in societies without written laws. [2/5 definitions]
exile prolonged separation from one's country, home, or loved ones. [1/6 definitions]
fractionate to separate into ingredients, component parts, or the like, as by a chemical separation.
from used to indicate separation or distance. [1/5 definitions]