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active duty the status of full-time service or work, esp. in the military.
AFS abbreviation of "American Field Service."
American plan a system by which hotels charge a fixed rate for room, meals, and service. (Cf. European plan.)
Anabaptist a member of any of several Protestant sects formed in the sixteenth century that baptized only adult believers, opposed military service, and advocated the separation of church and state. [1/2 definitions]
antiphon a song or part of a song to be sung in response, often in a religious service.
Anzac any soldier in the service of Australia or New Zealand. [1/2 definitions]
au pair (French) of or pertaining to an arrangement in which one service or benefit is exchanged for another. [1/2 definitions]
backcourt in tennis, the part of the court between the base line and the service line. (Cf. forecourt.) [1/3 definitions]
benediction a blessing, esp. the one pronounced over the congregation by the clergyman at the end of a religious service. [2 definitions]
benefit an object, service, or sum of money that enhances well-being; aid. [1/5 definitions]
boatswain a warrant officer on a warship, or in domestic service a petty officer responsible for a ship's gear such as rigging, anchors, and the like.
bond servant one who is bound to service without pay. [1/2 definitions]
carrying charge the interest and service charge on the unpaid balance in installment buying. [1/2 definitions]
cater to supply food, service, or entertainment, esp. off the main business premises. [2/3 definitions]
cavalry troops mounted on horseback or in armored carriers or helicopters, or the branch of military service composed of such troops.
certified mail a postal service that, for a fee, guarantees the delivery of first-class uninsured mail by requiring the addressee to sign for it. [2 definitions]
chargé d'affaires a foreign service official who takes charge of diplomatic business whenever an ambassador or minister is temporarily absent. [1/2 definitions]
child care the practice, service, or business of caring for other people's children, esp. young children whose parents work outside the home.
civic responsibility a particular responsibility or duty deemed an important aspect of being a productive and contributing citizen of a community or country. Ideas about what constitutes one's civic responsibilities vary but often include such things as obeying laws, voting in elections, respecting the rights of others, and performing public service.
CO3 abbreviation of "conscientious objector," a person who refuses, for moral or religious reasons, to participate in military service or to engage in warfare.
coast guard (cap.) a U.S. military service that enforces maritime, customs, and immigration laws, aids vessels in distress, discourages smugglers, and defends the nation's coasts. [1/2 definitions]