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assize (usu. pl.) a legislative or court session, esp. English and Welsh circuit court sessions. [2/4 definitions]
congress (cap.) a two-year session of the U.S. House of Representatives, with the same members throughout. [1/7 definitions]
default failure to attend a court session when summoned. [3/14 definitions]
finalist a person or team chosen to participate in the final session of a game or competition.
hearing a session in which arguments are presented, as in a law court. [1/4 definitions]
horse trade (informal) a session of bargaining in which both sides negotiate for goods, services, or the like in a shrewd and clever manner.
jam1 to participate in an informal and improvisational session of music playing, esp. of jazz or rock-'n'-roll. [1/12 definitions]
prorogue to discontinue a session of (a legislative body). [1/2 definitions]
recitation a session of a class or course for exercising students' memory of material that has been previously studied. [1/3 definitions]
shoot a photography or filming session. [1/19 definitions]
sit to be in session, as a court or legislature. [1/8 definitions]
sitting a period during which a public body such as a legislature or court conducts its business; session. [1/4 definitions]
summer school a high school or college session conducted during the summer.
take a sound recording completed in a single recording session. [1/36 definitions]
tutorial a session or course of concentrated instruction given by a tutor, often on a special topic. [1/2 definitions]