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anthrax an infectious, often fatal disease, esp. of sheep and cattle, but communicable to humans. [1/2 definitions]
aoudad a wild sheep of northern Africa with long, thick, curved horns and long fringes of hair on the neck, chest, and forelegs.
argali a wild sheep of central and northern Asia that has large spiraling horns.
baa to make the sound of a sheep; bleat. [2 definitions]
bellwether a male sheep, with a bell hung about its neck, that leads the flock. [1/2 definitions]
bighead any of various animal diseases, esp. of sheep, characterized by inflammatory swelling of the head. [1/2 definitions]
bighorn a wild sheep found in the Rocky Mountains of North America, the male of which has large, curved horns. (See Rocky Mountain sheep.)
blat to give a cry of or like a sheep; bleat. [1/3 definitions]
bleat the characteristic vocal sound of a goat, sheep, or calf. [1/4 definitions]
bloat a disease of sheep and cattle characterized by swelling of the abdomen because of gas. [1/5 definitions]
buck1 a fully grown male of certain animal species such as the deer, goat, rabbit, and sheep. [1/3 definitions]
buckskin a type of leather made from the hide of a deer or a sheep. [1/4 definitions]
cabretta a soft strong kidlike leather made from the skins of certain sheep.
casing a covering for sausage or other processed meats that is made from the intestinal membranes of sheep, pigs, or cows. [1/4 definitions]
catgut a thin, strong cord made of twisted, dried animal intestines, esp. those of sheep, and used for the strings of tennis rackets and certain musical instruments, and as surgical thread.
Cheviot any of a breed of sheep with short, thick wool. [1/2 definitions]
cloven hoof a hoof or foot divided into two parts by a cleft, characteristic of deer, sheep, and goats; cloven foot. [1/2 definitions]
collie one of a breed of large dogs originating in Scotland as sheep dogs and having long pointed muzzles and long-haired coats.
death camas any of various North American plants of the lily family that bear white or greenish flowers and have roots that are poisonous, esp. to sheep.
drover someone who drives animals, esp. sheep or cattle, to a place where they can be sold.
ewe a full-grown female sheep.