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blaze1 to burn or shine with or as though with fire. [1/6 definitions]
blink to gleam or shine sporadically; twinkle. [2/10 definitions]
buffer2 something used to polish or shine.
chamois to buff, shine, or rub with a chamois cloth. [1/5 definitions]
dazzle to shine or glitter brilliantly. [1/6 definitions]
digraph a pair of letters representing a single sound, such as "sh" in "shine".
flash to cause to shine brilliantly, esp. for an instant or repeatedly. [1/16 definitions]
glint to give off flickers or small flashes of reflected light; shine briefly. [2/4 definitions]
glisten to shine with reflected light, sometimes sparkling and sometimes softly lustrous. [1/2 definitions]
glitter to shine brightly, with sparkling or lustrous reflected light. [2/6 definitions]
gloss1 a shine or sheen on a surface; luster. [2/4 definitions]
glow to shine with bright light, as something very hot but flameless. [1/6 definitions]
lantern a housing or case with openings or transparent sections through which light can shine, used to protect, transport, direct, or ornament the light it contains. [1/3 definitions]
lip gloss a cosmetic ointment that gives shine to the lips, used as a moisturizer and often worn over lipstick.
matte having a finish lacking in shine and luster; dull. [1/3 definitions]
shimmer to shine with a soft wavering light. [1/3 definitions]
shine to cause to shine; polish. [1/10 definitions]
shone a past tense and past participle of shine.
sleek to smooth down or give a shine to; slick or polish. [1/4 definitions]
spangle to shine or sparkle with or like spangles. [1/4 definitions]
stream to pour forth beams of light; shine. [1/10 definitions]