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arm2 (usu. pl.) weapons, esp. those that shoot or explode. [1/7 definitions]
bean sprout a young, tender shoot, as of the soybean or mung bean, used as a garnish, in salads, and the like.
bird shot small shot used to shoot birds.
blaze1 to shoot firearms rapidly and steadily. [1/6 definitions]
bombard to shoot radiation or high energy particles at. [1/4 definitions]
dart to propel, thrust, or shoot out suddenly. [1/6 definitions]
discharge to shoot or emit. [1/17 definitions]
engraft to graft or join (a shoot from one plant) to another plant.
fire to shoot or launch (a weapon, rocket, or the like). [1/15 definitions]
firing squad a group, usu. of military personnel, assigned to shoot a person who has been sentenced to death.
fly1 to shoot through the air, propelled by an initial, forceful ejection. [1/12 definitions]
foul line in basketball, a line fifteen feet from the backboard, from which a player may shoot unimpeded after a penalty has been imposed on the other team; free-throw line. [1/3 definitions]
fusillade to shoot or attack with a fusillade. [1/3 definitions]
graft1 a detached portion of a plant, such as a shoot, that is placed into a slit or the like on another plant so as to become a living part of it. [1/9 definitions]
gun to shoot or fire a weapon. [2/7 definitions]
ice in hockey, to shoot (the puck) from one's defensive zone across the end line of the opposing team's defensive zone. [1/12 definitions]
jet1 to spurt in a stream; shoot forth. [1/5 definitions]
knuckle to shoot (a marble) with the forefinger and thumb. [1/4 definitions]
longbow a large wooden bow, usu. about five to six feet long, used to shoot arrows.
loose to shoot or let loose a missile, arrow, rock, or the like. [1/15 definitions]
machine-gun to shoot at, wound, or kill with a machine gun.