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acknowledge to show appreciation or thanks for. [1/4 definitions]
analogize to show similarities between (two or more things). [1/3 definitions]
apostrophe1 a mark (') used to show the omission of one or more letters or numbers from a word or figure, as in "wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987". [2/3 definitions]
appearance outward show or aspect; seeming. [1/4 definitions]
approve to show approval or think favorably of something or someone. [1/3 definitions]
arrow a symbol shaped like an arrow, used to show position or direction. [1/3 definitions]
barker1 a person who stands at the entrance to a carnival, show, or the like, loudly encouraging people to buy tickets to enter. [1/2 definitions]
become to look good with; show to advantage. [1/3 definitions]
bench show a competitive show of dogs or cats in which prizes are awarded on the basis of greatest conformity to ideal standards for a given breed.
blackface theatrical make-up used to burlesque a black character, as in a minstrel show, or an actor playing such a character. [1/2 definitions]
Blue Man Group a creative organization that provides performance-art theater in the form of a trio of blue-painted entertainers who incorporate such elements as food, odd props, rock music, and audience participation into their show.
blush to show pink or red color. [1/7 definitions]
box office the power of a show or its performers to attract an audience. [1/3 definitions]
bubble over to show great cheer and liveliness.
buffalo to intimidate or coerce, as by a show of force. [1/4 definitions]
burlesque in the United States, a stage show that features unsophisticated burlesques, popular music, and often stripteases; vaudeville show. [1/5 definitions]
call-in a telephone conversation between a listener or viewer and a radio or television host, which is broadcast on the host's show. [1/2 definitions]
carnival a traveling commercial amusement show, usu. offering rides, games of chance, and sideshows. [1/2 definitions]
cautious displaying or inclined to show caution; wary; careful.
champ at the bit to show impatience.
chart an outline map used to show the distribution of particular conditions such as weather, soil type, or population. [1/6 definitions]