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anticlimax a descent from important or powerful ideas, esp. in speech or writing, to much less significant ones. [1/3 definitions]
appendage something attached to a larger or more significant thing. [1/3 definitions]
big-time (informal) significant or influential in a particular trade, profession, or other field of endeavor. [1/2 definitions]
city a large and significant town, usu. a locally governed commercial and population center. [1/2 definitions]
consequential significant; important. [1/3 definitions]
curio any object, such as a piece of art, that is desired or significant only as a curiosity or novelty.
epoch a memorable date, such as one considered to mark the beginning of a significant division of history. [1/3 definitions]
germane having relevance to a given matter; pertinent; significant.
glorify to cause to appear more praiseworthy, significant, or splendid than is actually the case. [1/3 definitions]
historic significant in history. [1/2 definitions]
import to be important or significant; be of consequence. [1/7 definitions]
inappreciable too small to be perceptible or significant.
kernel a tiny but significant element of something. [1/4 definitions]
landmark an event or action that marks a significant development or change. [1/5 definitions]
lead1 first or most significant. [1/20 definitions]
materially to a significant extent; considerably. [1/2 definitions]
measurable significant or important. [1/2 definitions]
mentor a guide and counselor, esp. one who plays a significant role in a person's intellectual, professional or personal development.
mystical spiritually powerful, significant, or symbolic. [1/3 definitions]
Peloponnese a large and historically significant peninsula in southern Greece; Peloponnesus.
Peloponnesus a large and historically significant peninsula in southern Greece; Peloponnese.