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dumb silent, as from an emotional shock. [1/4 definitions]
mum1 not speaking or telling; silent. [1/2 definitions]
mute not speaking or uttering sound; silent. [1/9 definitions]
Quaker meeting a religious meeting of Quakers, characterized by long periods of meditation and silent prayer.
quiet not speaking; silent. [1/14 definitions]
shush to cause, or attempt to cause, to become silent; quiet. [1/2 definitions]
silence to make silent, calm, or still. [1/6 definitions]
silent (usu. pl.) a motion picture without a soundtrack; silent film. [1/6 definitions]
soundless1 silent; quiet.
still1 making or having no sound; silent. [1/14 definitions]
subtitle a caption, narration, or bit of dialogue displayed between scenes in a silent film. [1/4 definitions]
sulk to express resentment or bad humor by remaining sullenly silent or aloof. [1/3 definitions]
sullen frequently bad-tempered and stubbornly silent. [1/3 definitions]
tableau vivant living picture (French); a scene, statue, or picture depicted by costumed and posed actors who remain silent and motionless.
taciturn habitually silent and uncommunicative.
tuneless producing no music; silent. [1/2 definitions]
voiceless unspoken; unarticulated; silent. [1/3 definitions]
wordless without words or speech; silent. [1/2 definitions]