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absolute pitch the ability to sing or recognize the pitch of any tone heard; perfect pitch. [1/2 definitions]
accompany to play or sing music with (another) as a supporting part of that person or group's performance. [1/3 definitions]
belt (informal) to sing loudly. [1/11 definitions]
carol to sing a carol or the like joyfully. [2/4 definitions]
chant to sing in a chanting style. [2/7 definitions]
choir a group of people who sing together, esp. one that sings religious music. [2/3 definitions]
chorus to sing or say in chorus. [1/6 definitions]
croon to softly sing a lullaby or the like. [3/5 definitions]
descant to sing, esp. to sing a descant. [1/4 definitions]
flute to sing or whistle with a flutelike sound. [2/8 definitions]
harmonize to sing in harmony. [1/3 definitions]
hymn to sing a hymn or hymns. [1/3 definitions]
lilt to speak, sing, sound, or move in a pleasant rhythm. [1/3 definitions]
madrigal a type of song popular in the Renaissance, usu. sung by four to six singers who sing the same words but at different times and usu. with no instrumental accompaniment.
musician a person who plays, sing, or composes music professionally. [1/2 definitions]
psalm to celebrate or sing about in a psalm or psalms. [1/3 definitions]
quaver to say or sing with a trembling voice. [1/6 definitions]
scat2 to sing jazz using nonsense syllables instead of words. [1/2 definitions]
sing-along (informal) a gathering of people to sing together.
slur to sing, sound, or say in a rushed, careless way. [1/8 definitions]
sol-fa to sing (a scale, tune, or the like) using the sol-fa syllables. [1/3 definitions]