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absolute pitch the exact pitch of a single musical tone as determined by its rate of vibrations as measured on a standard scale. [1/2 definitions]
achene a small, dry, hard seed that is attached at a single point and that does not split open when it is mature.
act a single performance, usu. by a musician, comedian, or other entertainer, sometimes as part of a larger program of performances. [1/14 definitions]
adder's-tongue any of various ferns with a single sporeless leaflike frond and a slender spore-bearing spike or stalk that suggests a snake's tongue. [1/2 definitions]
alchemy an ancient exploration and practice of chemistry which flourished particularly during medieval times. Practitioners used chemical processes in the hope of, for example, producing gold from base metals, finding the key to eternal life, and uncovering a single cure for all disease. [1/2 definitions]
amalgamate to combine or blend into a single unit. [1/4 definitions]
angle1 the geometric figure made by two lines extending out from a single point. [1/10 definitions]
apartment a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
apt. abbreviation of "apartment," a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
Arabian camel the single-humped camel native to the area from North Africa to India; dromedary. (Cf. Bactrian camel.)
article a single item or thing, esp. one of a class or group. [1/4 definitions]
ass (vulgar slang) the buttocks as seen as a single part of the body; rear end. [1/3 definitions]
assemblage the process or product of assembling unrelated objects or scraps into a single composition to form a work of art. [1/4 definitions]
astigmatism an irregularity in the curvature of a lens, including that of the eye, that prevents rays of light from meeting in a single focal point, resulting in an indistinct or distorted image. [1/2 definitions]
at-large election an election in which every voter can vote for candidates to fill any and all vacant positions in a representative body. Unlike a single-member election, in which people can vote only for candidates who represent their particular legislative district, at-large elections allow every person to vote on each vacant position within a governing body.
attached (informal) married or in a romantic relationship; not single or available as a partner. [1/4 definitions]
autogamy in biology, self-fertilization by the reuniting of two nuclei that originated in the splitting of a single nucleus, as in certain protozoa, algae, and fungi. [1/2 definitions]
bandeau a simple brassiere, with or without shoulder straps, that consists of a single band of fabric. [1/2 definitions]
barbicel on feathers, a minute hairlike projection from one barbule, which attaches to others of its kind, maintaining the integrity of the feather as a single surface.
barleycorn an obsolete measure, equal to the width of a single grain of barley, or about one-third inch. [1/2 definitions]
bicultural of or displaying a blend of two different cultures in a single area.