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binding a fastening device attached to a ski, designed to grip the ski boot. [1/6 definitions]
gondola a car suspended from a cable, as for a ski lift. [1/5 definitions]
Nordic (sometimes l.c.) of, pertaining to, or designating skiing or ski contests involving jumping or cross-country racing. [1/2 definitions]
schuss to ski at high speed straight down a hill. [1/2 definitions]
ski see water ski. [1/5 definitions]
skiable combined form of ski.
ski tow a kind of ski lift by which skiers clinging to a cable are pulled up the slope on their skis.
slalom a downhill ski race back and forth around poles or gates marking the course. [2 definitions]
t something shaped like a T, such as a three-way road intersection, or the baron a ski lift. [1/3 definitions]
telemark a turn in skiing in which the skier's balance is shifted forward, thereby moving the tip of a ski gradually inward in the direction of the turn.
water-ski to ski on water while holding and being pulled by a line attached to a motorboat.