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caper1 to leap, hop, or skip about in a playful manner; frolic; gambol. [1/4 definitions]
dance to jump or skip in excitement or agitation. [1/9 definitions]
frisk to leap or skip in a lively and happy manner; frolic (often fol. by about). [1/3 definitions]
gambol to run, leap, or skip about; frisk; frolic. [1/2 definitions]
hop1 to jump or skip on one foot only. [1/8 definitions]
jump to skip over or omit. [1/20 definitions]
pass to skip or disregard. [1/30 definitions]
ricochet to bounce or skip off a surface at an angle; rebound. [2 definitions]
skipper2 any of various insects that skip or dart, esp. certain flying insects closely related to butterflies. [1/2 definitions]
skitter to skip, bounce, or glide lightly and quickly over a surface. [1/2 definitions]
trip a skip, dance, or nimble movement of the feet. [2/18 definitions]