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ascend to slant or slope upward. [1/5 definitions]
aslant crossing at a slant; slantingly across or over. [1/2 definitions]
aslope at a slant; sloping.
athwart crossing at a slant; crosswise. [1/4 definitions]
atilt at a slant; tilted.
bevel to cut or slant at an angle other than a right angle. [1/3 definitions]
cant2 to tilt or slant (something). [2/5 definitions]
deflect to turn aside or slant away from a straight course; swerve.
inclination a tilt from the horizontal or vertical, or the degree to which something tilts; slant. [1/5 definitions]
incline to move from or be angled away from a vertical or horizontal position; slant. [1/5 definitions]
italic of, designating, or pertaining to a style of printing type in which the letters slant to the right, used for emphasis or for foreign words. [1/4 definitions]
rake3 to slant away from a vertical or horizontal line; incline. [3/4 definitions]
slantwise on a slant; obliquely. [1/2 definitions]
slope to incline or slant upwards or downwards, as a hill. [1/5 definitions]
splay to slant or cause to be slanted. [2/4 definitions]
sweepback the slant of an airplane wing or other airfoil as it slopes back from the central structure of the aircraft.
sweptback of an airplane wing, having a sharply backward slant.
tilt to place or turn on an incline or at a slant. [2/7 definitions]
tip2 to lean; slant; tilt. [2/8 definitions]
toed driven in on a slant, as a nail, or held by nails so driven. [1/2 definitions]