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angle of repose the greatest angle of incline at which sand, stones, soil, or the like will not slide or roll downhill.
button any of various small, usually round, fasteners which are attached to a garment and designed to slide through a slit or loop. They may also be used purely for decoration. [1/7 definitions]
chute1 a sloped trough or channel down which things may slide in order to transport them. [1/4 definitions]
coast to slide down a hill, as on a sled. [1/7 definitions]
curling a game played on ice in which two teams, of four players each, slide a stone or other heavy object toward a circle at either end of the ice, the players being permitted to clean the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.
drumbone a musical instrument requiring two or three players that is made of joined sections of plastic pipe, two of which slide to alter the pitch of sounds made by beating on the pipe with drumsticks. The drumbone was introduced by the Blue Man Group.
gel a thin, colored piece of translucent material containing gelatin that is placed over theater lights; gelatin slide. [1/3 definitions]
glissade a controlled, skillful slide down a snowy or icy slope while on skis, a toboggan, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
glissando the rapid slide or sliding effect of a glissando. [1/3 definitions]
inclined plane a plane surface inclined at less than a right angle to a horizontal surface, used to roll or slide a load up or down.
landslide the process or result of a fall or slide of earth or rock, esp. in great amounts, down a steep slope. [1/2 definitions]
lantern a film or slide projector; magic lantern. [1/3 definitions]
rub to move or slide against something. [1/8 definitions]
scoot to push, slide, or move (something). [1/4 definitions]
scrape to rub or slide harshly against something. [1/13 definitions]
shearing stress in physics, a force that causes two parts or layers of a body to slide along each other in opposite directions; shear.
skid to slide suddenly, often sideways, as a vehicle that has lost traction. [1/8 definitions]
slide a smooth, slanted track down which a person or thing can slide; chute. [1/14 definitions]
slide trombone a trombone equipped with a slide, or movable section of tube, which is pushed back and forth to produce different tones.
slip1 to slide accidentally, as on a slippery surface. [2/17 definitions]
slither to cause to slide or slither. [1/4 definitions]